A private class is defined as a “One on One” instructional class held at the school and taught by Mr. Schwartz or other Black Belt of your choosing. To check on the available time slots for private classes go to the "Schedule" page or Click here.

Benefits of attending a private class:  

Prepare for an upcoming test!
Improve your kicking techniques!
Improve your blocking and hand attacks!
Work on your One-Step sparring series!
Improve your self-defense!
Increase your sparring abilities!
Become more effective with G.A.S.H.!
Increase your cardio and physical strength!
Become a better martial artist!
Plus many other benefits!

Private class info:

Contact Mr. Schwartz (or click on the link above) to request a private class.
Each private class time slot will be (1) hour in length.
Time slots will be awarded on a “first come–first served” basis.
You choose the training subject(s) for your class.
Private class time counts toward test requirements. (One private class counts
  the same as (2) regular classes regarding time in rank necessary for testing.

Cost of private class:

The cost for a (1) hour time slot is $30.00.
You may schedule other students (who live in the same household) to attend
 the same private class with you at no additional cost.
* You may schedule other students (who do NOT live in the same household) to attend the same private class with you at the cost of $10.00 for each additional student (up to 5 students total).

To request a private class, Click here
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