Updated 5/09/12
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CONGRATULATIONS  to Nathan Kiliany who earned his 1st Degree Black Belt on February 04, 2012. Nathan was very solid throughout the 3 hour test and left all the judges quite impressed. Great Job Nathan! A big THANKS to our judging panel which was made up of Mr. Dan Coffman, Mr. Jon Coffman, Mr. Fred Piper, Ms. Megan Koza, Mr. Wayne Richter and myself. Also, Thanks to the following students who assisted Nathan during his test: Ryan Allem, Jeff Ferris, Sam Barber and Isaac Rees!  Nathan could not have done it without you!
Congratulations January Students of the Month!
Shelley Peterman
3rd Degree Brown Belt
Schwartz's School of TKD
Leah Hayes
White Belt
Brownfield Comm. Cntr.
to the following students who competed at the "Cold Steel Submission Only Grappling Tournament" held in Greensburg, PA on 1/21/12:
Emily Magee - 3rd Place
Sherry Eicher - 2nd Place
Isaac Rees - 2nd Place
Dan Coffman - 3rd Place
Jon Coffman - 4th Place
Mr. Schwartz - 2nd Place
Great Effort!
ClicCongratulations to Mr. Dan who won his 3rd fight on 11/19/11 in Cleveland, OH.
Mr. Dan is now 3-0!

Watch 1st Fight

Watch 2nd Fight

Watch 3rd Fight
Congratulations February Students of the Month!
Austin Leonard
White Belt
Brownfield Comm. Cntr.
CONGRATULATIONS  to all of the students who earned promotions during Test # 156 and 157 which were held in February!  1st Green Belt - Brendan Eicher. 2nd Green Belts - John Rees, Cameron Walters, Stephen Elcock, Luke Lindner, Chase Calhoun and Dakota Keller. Purple Belts - Emily Magee and Kole Koontz. 1st Brown Belts - Sherry Eicher, Sam Barber and Christopher Pritts.
Cameron Walters
2nd Green Belt
Schwartz's School of TKD
Congratulations March Students of the Month!
Jason & Connor Pavlocak
Yellow Belts
Schwartz's School of TKD
Madison Bednar
White Belt
Brownfield Comm. Cntr.
Congratulations April Students of the Month!
Colton Baker
White Belt - Little Dragon's
Schwartz's School of TKD
Candace Compton
White Belt
Brownfield Comm. Cntr.